28 – 48 – 11.5 = 3!

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Dieren MA1 vs EHV MA1


28 Degree’s – 48 bottles of water – 11 MA1 players and 1 player from MC3 = 3 Points!

What a very hot and rewarding day.


EHV could only field a basic squad due to the Easter vacation. 5 minutes before we had to leave Enschede we were only with 11 players. A quick phone call to the MC3 Coach gave us our 1 and only substitute. Lisanne Beumer. A young talent which, in my opinion has been overlooked by the selection committee of EHV. This baby girl should be playing in MC1 .. punt!

Our girls were disciplined and strong. They all realized that they had to keep playing no matter what.

A deal with our goal keeper meant that if we were 0 – 4 up at half time then she could play the 2nd half in the spits. Helaas at the pause we were 1 – 3.


A couple of mistakes from a new defending EHV line allowed Dieren to score 2 goals. Shit happens! 2 minutes of silly play as opposed to 68 minutes of attacking play is not bad. I am absolutely not disappointed with our girl’s presentation today.


End result was a 2 –4 win for EHV. 


We had SO MANY CHANCES to score but again we could not convert our efforts into goals. This is a point of play that we will be working on during the next 3 weeks.

Presentation from all of our girls is hereby acknowledged. Everyone played a great game and I mean that with the utmost sincerity!


Man of the Match this week goes to Nele Weil who played, for the first time, in the mid-field without hesitation and full on kracht. Well played young lady – I am impressed!


Many Thanks to Guilia and Lisanne (fantastic)! Many Thanks to the EHV MA1 Parent Taxi Dienst and Water Service! Compliments are also given to the Dieren Umpires.


Aniek … Geweldig!


Next game is 14th May uit vs Almelo MA2.

See you on the side line.






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