8e May 2011 – ‘Mothers Day’

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EHV D4 vs Drienelo D2 – 1 – 0 Gewonnen.

 The Mothers of D4 were outstanding today. Yolanda, Evonne, Babs , Anne-Fleur, Marloes , Wyktske (baby on board) and ik. Our special day is all about doing what we enjoy with our team.

 D4 were playing against the kop-lopper, Drienelo D2, who had to win in order to achieve the championship. We were not going to give them an easy win even though we had heavy injuries and players with dienst.

 Anne did a great job in fielding a team. Nele Weil, from MA1, played an outstanding game filling in for the defence and mid-field.

A very strong presentation from the EHV Ladies in the first half was rewarded with a fantastic goal from Britt in the middle phase of the game. Drienelo fought back but strong presentation from the EHV middle-field and defence denied them an equalizer.

 In the 2e half Drienelo fought hard but could not get past the EHV defensive line. Louise (keeper) was excellent in her position and denied our tegenstanders the equalizing goal. Multiple chances in the EHV attacking area were thwarted by a physical Drienelo defense.

 Man of the match this week is without doubt …… Louise Punte (keeper) .. what an outstanding game – well played young lady!

 For me … a perfect Mothers Day .. I played with my team and won … I watched my 2 boys play in H1 and they won .. my Daughter (12 years old) played along with a senior team for the first time ever and received man of the match.

 Highlight of the day was Pieter (from Anne-Fleur) and his bucket of water. If only life was that simple………..


Many thanks to quite the best umpires we have had this season.

Next week uit vs Almelo. Hope to see you on the sideline.


D4 x

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Yolanda 05/13/2011 14:13

Despite all bruises (still blue spots) it was one of our best games! We've fought very hard and we've deserved this delightfull victory!  Y

Giddy Iddy 05/13/2011 20:48

Hi Yolanda

Thanks for the comment :O)

How on earth did you find my silly little blog??

anne 05/09/2011 12:29

Congratulations Edye, from one proud Grandma. xx