EHV MA1 vs Almelo 10 - 1 Gewonnen.

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An impressive game of hockey from EHV MA1 today! They were focused, disciplined and functioned as one unit.

"How many goals should we score today?" was the question asked by one of the girls before the game. "I don't care how many goals you score I just want the 3 points, concentrate on that!" was my reply. And they did just that!

The girls began the game strongly. No panic or rush tactics just calmly controlling and possessing the play looking for the correct moment to launch an attack. When that moment came there was little that Almelo could do to stop the onslaught. It was like watching someone trying to stop the tide from coming in. Wave after wave of attacking play wore our opponents down.

Almelo were not going to give up without a fight and broke free a few times launching one on one attacks at our keeper. Rowen defended her area perfectly, coming out of her goal and meeting the attacking play at the top of her circle which gave Nik and Jamie the extra few seconds they needed to cover back.

At the pause only one corrective piece of coaching was needed which should give you an indication of how well the girls played today.

Man of the match goes to the entire squad - to name an individual player would be unfair to 14 girls who all performed fantastically today. WELL PLAYED LADIES!

Here is a run down of the goals:-

  1. Open play. Floor, with an assist from Esmee, cooley placed the ball between the Almelo defender and keeper.  
  2. Open play. A well played pass from Ella was picked up by Robin who hammered the ball high into the right hand corner of the net.
  3. Open play. An outstanding piece of technical play from Ella. She created her own space and finalised her effort with a beautiful back-hand shot.
  4. Penalty corner. Kira picked up  the rebound from the keepers pads and flats the ball home.
  5. Penalty corner. Floor slipped the ball right to a free Lianne who sharply converted the ball into the net.
  6. Open playMarlies began the action in our defending half and stayed with the play until its completion, sharp 1 -2 passing with Kira and Jamie brought the ball (and Marlies) to the top of the circle where she finished the action that she had begun with kracht.
  7. Penalty corner. Iris played the ball out to Jamiewho was placed to the left of our stick-stop. She calmly power played the ball on to the backboard between a very confused Almelo defence. The poor keeper never saw the ball coming. A vet doelpunt!
  8. Open play. Another perfectly executed Ella backhand shot.
  9. Open play.A great piece of play from Kira, bringing the ball into the cirlce along the base line and placing it perfectly to the penalty stip where it found Maaike who flatsed the ball home. Text book goal.
  10. Open play.A powerful pass along the right flank by Jamie found Maaike who delivered a beautiful 1 touch pass to Ella who tipped the ball into the net.


Many thanks to the MA1 Parent Taxi Dienst today (Nice to have all the Papa's on the side line!) and many thanks to the Almelo umpires. Additional photos of the game can be requested from Tristan, follow this link to his website for contact details. .

Next week home vs Dieren.

Hope to see you on the sideline














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