"Off-side"? - this is Field Hockey not Soccar! EHV Dames IV vs D1 Twello

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A Stinking Hot Easter Monday
Twello is a brand new club this season, fielding 3 senior teams, a handful of Junior teams, a few Umpah-Loompah teams, 1 semi-water field, 1 sand-field, a porta-cabin as a club house and a few sea-containers as changing rooms. However the enthousiasm and determination of the Twello membership is overwhelming. As my Grandma says (99 years old and still an old Lady to be reckoned with)  - "From tiny Acorns grow mighty Oak Tree's" ! I am curious to see if the KNHB will give this fledgling club the support they will most definately need to survive over the next few years.
It was a strange but very sociable game. EHV Dames IV were most definately the stronger team and dominated throughout the 70 minutes of play. Twello D1 are complimented on their 'sportief'' speel. The Twello goalkeeper played an outstanding game and saved 1 on 1 challenges time after time. Her sliding actions were well timed taking the ball first before up-ending the EHV attacking player.
EHV Dames IV were respectful to the 2 inexperienced umpires of Twello and accepted all descisions without comment, even when one of the umpires blew for 'buitenspel' (off-side)! At times our respectfulness was SORELY challenged but this just demonstrates the discipline that Dames IV have worked hard on to achieve this season. Compliments to all of our Ladies on this point .
Lady of the Match goes to Evonne! What an an outstanding effort. She played in the mid-field and seemed to be everywhere at once!
Highlight of the game was the 3e half. As well as the typical 'beer, cola, extran, etc' we were offered Freshly made Strawberry Smoothies .. very refreshing and most appreciated.
Many thanks to Marjo, Maartje and Marjo-Keep for helping us out today. All 3 played a great game. I especially enjoyed watching Marjo-Keep  - this is a player that can adapt her performance to whatever level she is playing and lead her team from the defensive line. I get so much pleasure watching a player, of this age and talent, just enjoying playing a game of hockey. This baby girl has a great future ahead of her!
End Result : 1 - 0 to Twello. These 3 points are way more important to Twello, as a new hockey club, than EHV and we are more than happy to acknowledge our defeat.
1 negative comment (which you all must of seen coming), Twello - FOR BEJUSUS SAKES - please educate your umpires to facilitate a game of hockey and not football  :O)
EHV Dames IV

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Anne 05/06/2011 11:39

At the risk of being told "go away!!!!" It's 'soccer' You have been away toooooo long. xxxxxxx