EHV MA1 vs Bully MA1 .... 1 – 11 Gewonnen

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What a fantastic performance today from all of the EHV girls.


It began already in the changing room at the pre-game talk. The girls were 100% focused on the 70 minutes ahead of them.  This was a game that had a potential to unsettle them due to the pressure of having to achieve a win to stay in the running for the Championship title. Previous history of the team under such pressure has not provided good results. However my concern was unfounded.


I gave the girls the task of achieving 3 points. At the pause we were 0 – 3 ahead and it was obvious that the 3 points already belonged to EHV so I gave the girls a new opdracht …. Doel saldo!


The ensuing result of the new opdracht was like putting a Mentos mint into a bottle of Cola. EHV exploded into the 2nd half and gave little to no respite to Bully. At this point I would like to pay compliment to our tegenstanders. The end result does not reflect the effort that they put into the game, in no way did they make this easy for us and they fought hard right up until the end. The keeper from Bully is hereby given special recognition as she made some breathtaking saves throughout the entire game earning applause from Bully and EHV supporter’s gelijk!


EHV were structurally, tactically, technically and conditionally on top form today. They delivered a performance equal to that of a team in the Top Klasse competition.


Man of the Match goes to 2 girls. …. Floor Hovenkamp and Leanne Sijgers …. This was their final game in the junior line. Both girls have delivered a great performance over the 2010/11 season and should be very proud of their achievements. WELL PLAYED YOUNG LADIES AND THANK YOU!


Many thanks are also given to the MA1 parent taxi dienst, the EHV travelling public, Team Opa, Joris and the 2 gentlemen umpires of Bully.


Next week home vs Deventer for the championship title.

Hope to see you on the sideline





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